Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fantastic Job!

Fanstastic job everyone....cast and crew! It was a wonderful show, and a wonderful experience. Thank you all for your hard work. Sure hope to see everyone in the summer for Youth Theatre Camp in July. Don't forget to pre-register for Camp. Watch the Barrow Civic website for more details.

There were a couple of pairs of shoes/boots and a couple of camera cases left behind at the theatre. Check the lost and found at the box office if you think you lost anything.

If you sent me your email address, I will be sharing my pictures as soon as they are available. If anyone else took pictures during the show or backstage, and you upload to, please share them with me, and I will, in turn, share with everyone

Thank you again for a very successful show!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th Show

Great job everyone! You did great! Get some rest, and we will see you tomorrow night! 7pm call. Show begins at 8pm.
I took lots of pictures today, and they take forever to upload to the blog. So, if anyone would like to send me their email address, I can "share" the photos at  Just send your email address to
Again, great job everyone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rehearsal Wednesday, February 10 Cancelled

Tonight's rehearsal for Wednesday, February 10th has been cancelled. You need to be at the theatre by 8am tomorrow, even if school is cancelled or delayed. If school is running on time try to be there a little early. Don't forget to do your hair and wear extra make-up. Breakfast will be served. Everyone has done a great job and I know you are ready!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Countdown Begins

We are coming up on tech week, and everyone is doing a great job! Keep working hard, sing loud and strong, and keep smiling!

A couple reminder for the parents...tomorrow night...February the last day to sign up for the Parent's Booster Group. Information is hanging in the green room. Also, happy ad information and money is due on Thursday as well, and, if any parent is interested in helping with the school shows on February 11th, the sign ups and money is due tomorrow.
Rip Tide and Zip Tide strike a nasty pose as the seaweed prepare to wait on the queen and Jenna offers to model the crab head while crafting a crown for Neptune.

The set is nearly complete, and the show is right on track! Everyone keep a good attititude for next week :)